Group travel has several benefits to your club.  Below are a few of these benefits.


  • Retail revenue on custom apparel designed for the trip; hats, visors, shirts, etc….
  • F&B Theme Events in Club House designed around the destination of the year
    • Event 1: Introduction of this year’s group travel promotion – “Taste of Costa Rica”
    • Event 2: “Rum Tasting” Use the Costa Rican Rum Centenario to bring people in.
    • Event 3: “Two Weeks To Go” – Cocktail Reception to hand out material, answer any questions, and for the entire group to meet.
    • Event 4: “What a Trip!” Have a group dinner with a slide show running of all the pictures taken while on the trip.  Hand out awards for any tournaments.
  • Sell sponsored events during the trip to your vendors.  For example Vendor “A” could sponsor a Welcome Cocktail Reception & Dinner


  • The Private Club organizer will be entitled to one free trip to travel with the group with a minimum of 40 rooms. For a significant other to travel with the organizer, the trip will be at a highly discounted rate.


  • Drive enrollment by promoting this group travel vacation! Nothing says a warm, fun, and sociable club than one that travels together.
    • It’s important to note that there is a lot of leisure time in the itinerary so nobody feels like they are constantly with forced to be with the group the whole time.
  • Initiation Fees: Clubs sometimes discount the initiation fee to help drive memberships. Rather than discounting the fee, include a trip!  Use the trip as a point in sale for the prospective members.
  • Reward a current member with a trip for the referral of a new corporate membership.


  • F&B Usage:
    • Encourage dinning within the club by promoting “Tokens of Appreciation”
      • X # of Visits to dinner = Free Tour
      • Y $ in Spirits = Free Tour
      • X + Y = Upgraded Room
    • Any type of participation in on property events is trackable and subject to a reward.
    • Family Dinner Nights
      • Offer pre-made family dinners to go on the weeknights that are known for kids sporting events.  Every family dinner purchased goes towards “Tokens of Appreciation”
  • Golf Course:
    • Encourage invited guests play to drive revenue and develop prospect members.
      • When a member fills a foursome with 3 guests, it goes towards a “Token of Appreciation.”
    • Lessons with the Pro specifically designed for the destination course
  • Socials & Events:
    • Rental of Function Space for Weddings, Sweet 16s, Bat Mitzvahs, Holiday Parties, Corporate Luncheons, Networking Events, etc…
      • Members can be incentivized to book these events at the Private Club if they know they can get a tour, upgrade, or even an entire trip. This drives awareness, loyalty, and doesn’t diminish the value of space by discounting the price.
    • Any special event or social pre-planned by the club could be enhanced by encouraging members to attend with “Tokens of Appreciation”. Further, encouraging members to bring guests helps increase F&B revenue and drives the prospective member lists.


  • Friendships
    • Group travel to a new and exciting place develops a permanent bond and friendship that in normal circumstances could take years to develop. Private Clubs thrive when everyone gets along and enjoy each other’s company.  Group travel under the Private Club’s logo and identity reinforces it’s position within the community as a fun, innovative place where its fun and rewarding to be a member.
  • Word of mouth
    • Word will quickly spread when the members come home talking about how great the trip was. Members will be telling their family, friends, neighbors, and anyone else who will listen about their experience (free club advertising).  Almost immediately upon return they will start asking “where is next year’s trip?