What are the dates of travel?

You are free to pick any dates you wish. Koterie Travels does not pre-block any rooms or airline seats.   We do recommend when selecting dates, you take into consideration holidays, local events and fairs, and sporting events.  Whether it be your local little league tournament or the school’s gala fundraising event, these events could negate the participation of your membership.

What airport do we need to leave from?

That is totally up to you. Please let us know which airport you would prefer to travel from, and we take care of the rest.  We do recommend that you take all airports into consideration within a 3-hour drive.

What is the transfer time from the airport to the hotel?

Transfer time from the San Jose, Costa Rica International Airport to the Los Suenos Marriott Ocean & Golf Resort is approximately 70 minutes.

Is there a minimum number of rooms?

To provide the lowest promotable rate possible, we have been requested to adhere to a 30 room minimum. The room’s occupancy can be either single or double.  This 30 room minimum will allow for a free to the General Manager or appointee of the private club.

What is the deposit schedule?

Once the dates have been selected and guaranteed, the private club will be required to submit a 25% deposit of the total program billing to Koterie Travels. These funds will be used to secure the airline seats and hotel rooms.   Additional deposits will be due leading up to the departure date.  100% of the program cost will be due 60 days prior to departure.

Who will be collecting the funds?

The private club will be responsible for collecting the funds directly from their members. If the private club has a monthly billing cycle, we suggest they entertain this form of payment.  Members may find this easier.  Should the private club accept credit cards, we recommend including a service charge to cover the credit card processing fees.

Koterie Travels will be invoicing and the private club for the total group deposit and installments.

What is the cost for individual / solo rooms?

Once we have received the registration, we will be able to accurately quote the cost for a single traveler.

Can we upgrade rooms?

Absolutely.   We can take requests on a per person basis or we can quote a total group upgrade.  Please note that all reservations are based on availability.  Rooms will not be confirmed or guaranteed until a contract is signed and deposit has been made.

What is the category of rooms in this group promotion?

The category of rooms for this promotion is Rainforest and Garden Terrace rooms.

Can we enhance this group trip with private dinners, tours, or activities?

Absolutely.   We can pre-arrange anything you wish and welcome the request.  It is important to note that there is an additional revenue stream available.  Should the private club wish to sell to a vendor the sponsorship of a cocktail reception or dinner, we can arrange this so the private club benefits financially and the members receive a private group function.

Can you help us, the private club, promote this to our membership?

The private club will receive an electronic promotional flyer with their logo and contact person’s information. In addition, we will provide an e-card to be sent via email to all members of the club or promoted through their social media accounts.

Will we be traveling with any other club or group?

Your trip is designed to be exclusive and only for your private club. However, we cannot guarantee any other groups will be onsite at the same time.  Should another group be in house over the same dates, we will work closely with the resort and golf course to make certain there are no problems or overlap.

What happens when we arrive in Costa Rica?

A Koterie Travels representative will greet you in luggage claim and directly you through customs. Upon exit, our team will assist in luggage handling and direct your guests to the private transportation to the resort.  There will be a bi-lingual guide on board to talk about Costa Rica and answer any questions.

What happens when we arrive at the resort?

Upon arrival to the resort, guests will be directed to a private check-in area specific to your private club. Here guests will present their credit cards for incidentals, collect their room keys, and meet the group’s concierge who will be the group’s main point of contact through their stay.

If we need something while there, who is our contact?

In the lobby of the resort, there will be a hospitality desk specifically for your private club. A concierge will be there to answer any questions or assist with any special requests.

Do we need a visa?

You do not need a visa to visit Costa Rica.

Do we need a passport?

Each and every U.S. Citizen must have a valid passport travel to Costa Rica. The passport must be valid for 6 months from the date of the return date.